Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Looks like Spring time.

Today I awoke at 6ish to the staccato sound of rain on the sun room windows.
I drug myself out of bed to close the door and thus muffle the sound... in the hopes of a few more minutes of sleep.
No... was not to be. I was up.

Sun room table ready for Springtime with black and cream transferware and linen napkins.

Day number 3 of the grey and soggy days here in my neck of the woods.
Sunday was grey, with the threat of impending rain. We got a few sprinkles, but nothing much.
Monday, I did get my   morning walk in at 7:30 before it got nasty and we were under a Tornado threat until 8pm.

But in all that, there is the promise of Spring.
Every morning as I walk, I see more fresh Spring green on the trees.

The Dogwoods have been blooming for a couple of weeks now. The Redbud and Azaleas as well.
Now the Native Styrex are all covered with a combination of teeeny, tiny leaves and little white flowers and a fragrant perfume wafts from them every time the wind blows.
Black iron chicken tea light and black iron leave candle holder.

I am ready for it.. Spring time that is. The rebirth.. the new.
These days of rain are washing the Earth and making it ready for the fresh start.
When the flowers burst forth in vibrant song.

We must remember, without the Winter  and it's wavering temperatures, there would be no joy of Spring.
No expectancy.

This set was given to me by my MIL some years ago as a Birthday present. I think she got it at Ross or TJMaxx.

As I sit in the nook and watch the little Carolina Chickadees splash about in the wet grass....
The Cardinals huddle together on the rose arbour....
The Mocking Birds stare sternly at the other birds...
The Blue Jays dart about trying to find a spot to land....
I know.

I hope....
 For Spring is just around the corner, and I am ready!

Crocheted table runner from a local shop.... 'Country Memories' about 2 blocks  from my home.

{I know I have not posted in 2 weeks. But we have been doing Battle... waging War.
We have been fighting the 'Flu as it waged war on us all.... one at a time. 
First our youngest started..... a few days later, I was sniffling. It was a terrible five days of sneezing, sniffling, fever, headaches, and then the cough. Just as we were wrapping it all up, and happy it had NOT spread, our eldest came home grumpy and sneezing. Oh no!!! Not the Bear......
Three days later, yesterday morning, the Mr. on his first day of vacation started to sniffle and sneeze.
We got the shot. Being told that even though we got the shot... we got a mild case.
 Let me say, if that was mild, I am GLAD of it. Mild case or not.... it was nasty. Miserable!!!!
Me and Lysol are the Best of friends let me tell you!}

Here's to a Great rest of week!!


As I finish up... the Mighty Sun is trying to make a go of it!!Wooo Hoooo!!!
Come on Sunshine.

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  1. Wow, glad to hear you are all feeling better! We are getting pounded with rain today also, and I must say, considering how horrible our property looks this time of year, I too am ready for spring!! Love your sunny room and the pretty transferware:-)

    1. Thanks Anita.The rain stopped and a cloudy day with peeks of sunshine and a nice breeze was left in it's wake. Just ventured out for my 1/2 hr of brisk walking. Tried to accomplish 2 things, my walk, plus Master Vic's.. That didn't go so well. He wanted to pause every few minutes and I was not having it.. Poor little man.
      Yes... bring on Spring!
      Have a wonderful rest of day.
      Hugs, Gee

  2. I am so glad you are feeling better! My husband has been fighting a nasty sinus head cold thing for weeks!What pretty black transferware!So pretty in your tote on your table!

    1. Thanks Anne, I luv them.
      I am feeling sooo much better. I promise you I owe it all to a friend. She gave me this remedy.... equal parts raw honey ( I assume any honey would do) and apple cider vinegar. I did 2 tsps of each. I drank this concoction ... after a few hours, no lie, my head was clear!!! My son commented that I sounded better. No coughing after the second dose.
      My husband is taking it with his bout of the flu. My youngest refused....
      Hope he feels better soon.
      ((HUGS)) Gee. xx

  3. Love your toolbox, such a great piece and your black transferware is stunning. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

    1. AAAwwww... Thanks Marty. My pleasure .
      The tool box, I described it to the Mr one day last fall, and that was the result.He's rather clever.
      Hugs, Gee

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  5. Oh, no...you've been sick! I'm so sorry! That's terrible! And your husband starting feeling bad on his first day of vacation?!??!?!! THAT really sucks!!! I'm really so sorry! I hope you are all feeling a whole lot better now and that not all of your husband's vacation time was ruined. You have a very positive outlook on winter. As we are digging out of the 15" of snow dumped on Lee's Summit night before last (on top of the 8" we got last week), it's so hard to have an upbeat attitude. :-) I'm glad your area is showing signs of spring...except for the tornado part. Unfortunately, tornadoes are a part of the spring season that I have a very hard time dealing with!!! The dishes from your mother-in-law are beautiful! When I looked a 2nd time I noticed that subtle gold rim. Very pretty!!!! I hope you are seeing lots and lots of sunshine soon!!!

    1. I know... I am NOT the best patient. My boys will tell you that very quickly. Poor Douglas... he's still sniffling. We had not planned to go anywhere for the week. Just day trips, but with him feeling less than stellar, we chose to stay home. I have been treating him with fab lunches and dinners every day though :-) He's enjoyed that a lot.
      The sun was back today... bright and luvly. BUT, according to the local weather guy, we are dipping back to freezing come Friday and the weekend. If it holds ... he said freezing precipitation for Sunday morning. What??!! Hahahahaaa.. The last time it snowed here, it was nuts!
      Yes, a slight gold trim... tres elegant! :-)
      Stay warm my friend!
      HUGS, Gee

      Wait... wait.... Congrats on being published!!! I was telling Douglas... 'Weeeeee... Alycia got published!!'
      'Who?' He asked. I explained again... 'Oh , very nice. How exciting'
      Me : 'I know right? I am so excited FOR her!'
      Congrats !!!

  6. Love your black transfer ware, and the tool box they are in. I noticed your oval rug, because I have one almost like it, but it has pale greens in it.
    Have a great week,

    1. Thanks Bev. The rug... ohhh my heart swells as I think of it. A lot of my dear pieces are inherited. I married into a very great and luving family. Plus the fact that I adore inherited pieces did not hurt. I luv things with history... a sweet story to tell. Don't you? It came to me/ us from my Mr's grandmother. She was so happy I admired it and she quickly passed it on to me. I was so happy. Been 21 years in my possession... not sure how many in hers.
      Here's to a wonderful rest of week Bev.
      Cheers, Gee

  7. I hope everyone is feeling better! I love the pieces that your mil gave you! Blessings, Tammy

    1. Thanks Tammy. It's a slow , long road to recovery... but they are getting there.
      Here's to a wonderful Thursday.
      Cheers, Gee

  8. I'm so sorry that you have been sick - I hope you get to feeling better. I'm following you via GFC. I host Fluster Creative Muster Party on Wednesdays and I would love it if you would come by and party with us. Hope to see you there!

    Hugs, Smiles, and Blessings,

    Fluster Buster

    1. Morning Robin. Thanks for popping by and following. Will stop by yours in a few and say Hi and link up :-)
      Thanks... I am not a good patient at all . The flu... not fun.
      Have a wonderful Thursday!
      Hugs, Gee

  9. I agree that without winter, there is nothing to look forward to in the spring. And oh how I love daffodils and tulips! Found your blog via the inspiration gallery!

    1. Yes.. without the Winter... what would we look forward to?
      Thanks for following Stacy. I popped on over to yours and am following as well. Welcome :-) Glad you came by for a wee visit.
      Here's to many more visits on both our parts.
      Cheers, Gee

  10. So sorry to hear that you and your family have been battling the dreaded flu! I got the shot and thankfully, was spared. But I have heard many getting sick despite getting the shot. That's not fair!!! Glad to hear you are on the mend though. I'm ready for Spring too. The grey skies and rain have depressed me long enough!

    1. Hello Kelly :-)
      We did get the shot, and were told that this was a mild case. Well, let me tell you, if this was mild... geez, I am glad we did not get the full force. Thankfully , yes we are on the mend. Yeah!!!
      So many flowering trees and shrubs in the neighbourhood are a wash of beautiful colour. But, sigh, BIG BIT... we are expecting a freeze this weekend. I got a good giggle when the Weather guy said if the temperature is just right ... conditions perfect, we might see 'frozen precipitation' early Sunday morning... can you imagine?? Hahahahaaa..
      have a wonderful weekend.
      HUGS, Gee

  11. Love Spring ... love your blog.
    Audrey Z.

    1. Thanks Audry :-) I luv your as well. I read your adventures out loud to who ever is present... last night I was moaning at the fact that I never find things like you do, on the side of the street no less.
      Spring is taking a bit of a push this weekend. Old Man Winter is still trying to cling and will be blasting North Central Florida with freezing over night temperatures... the nerve of him I say.
      have a great weekend.
      Hugs, Gee

  12. Oh I hope the nasty flu is long gone from your home now. That is a lovely little spot in your sunroom. The black and white dishes are very pretty and a lovely gift. I am so glad we seldom have to worry about tornados here- I can take snow storms but I am a huge wimp just hearing the word tornado.

    1. Hello Elizabeth,
      Only one straggler with the lingering cough. The rest of us are fine, but ironically the one who started first, our youngest, still has the cough, but is feeling much better. Thanks for asking. I will be glad to see the last of it all.
      I too am a big weenie when it comes to tornadoes. They are so unpredictable. In 26 years I have lived here, thankfully, I have never seen or been in one. But I have seen the devastation left in it's wake... Pretty frightening indeed. So far all I have experienced are the threats and warnings.
      Here's to a wonderful new week...... and the hope of warm springlike weather :-)

  13. Those plates are beautiful.
    It's posts like these that help me to appreciate Sunny Southern California...I hat to admit it but it's a nice day today and I was hoping for some rain. Just a little more to give the ground the extra oomph it needs to make it through the long hot dry summer.
    The grass is always greener, huh?
    Happy March!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

    1. So true... always greener where ever we are not at the time :-)
      Hello Ashley, and thanks for coming over . Today is a beauty though. A picture perfect Chamber of Commerce kind of glorious Spring like day. Clear blue skies, abundant sunshine , a soft breeze and a high in the upper 60's ... perfection :-)
      This is however our dry time... our summers are wet and humid.