Monday, January 14, 2013

A day of ponder... and the Sunroom.

You know those days, those days when you mull about something in your mind all day?
Made this a few years ago.. luv the old door knob. Sits on a table with a French style clock as the top.

You are so consumed by this one thing.... 
this thought, this project.
You solve and re solve it in your mind.... all day!

You eat breakfast with the g
uy's, but you are only partially there.

Do you have those days??

You brush your teeth on rote.....
Paying no attention to the mundane daily task.
Luv these rusted Urns. They had Christmas trees in them a few weeks ago... now on the coffee table in the sun room.

A beautiful day is unfolding in front of you and , well, you barely take notice.

Yesterday I had one of those days.
What made it even worse, was that I also had a migraine as well.
So that was a double doozy.

But it was Sunday... the 2nd Sunday of the month. That meant a BIG family dinner and guests.

No worries.
I am woman... I can multitask.
I can function with a part of me focused.
My assistant. Master Vic. He will be 3 in May :-) He thinks it's his sun room. Shhhh,,,, I think he's happy the Christmas decor is down.

We can do that.. we are women, wife, mother. All at the same time.
All day long!

I made a wonderful Roast Sunday dinner.

Roast beef, roasted potatoes, gravy, glazed carrots and a smashing Yorkshire pudding!
May I repeat... a smashing Pud!
Isn't she cute? She hangs on the brass drapery rod just inside the sun room doorway.
Made lemonade, grapefruitade, and sweet tea. ( remember, I had a migraine) No wine :-/
I squeezed, juiced  and brewed with the best of them!

Time came to lay the table and serve up this meal.
(This meal that I had made, all alone, while still solving and pondering.)
I had help with the setting of a luvly table with inherited china , vintage glasses and pretty  napkins.
dining are in sun room. Sun room devoid of Christmas and decorated in greens, reds, and tan. Look at the sweet cardinals on the painting.

I go to the 'fridge for the salad course, and ..... crickets!!!!

People are at the ready, and there was NONE!
I , in my half here state of pondering my all consuming project had forgotten to make one.


Luckily, my guest of honour, Bella, at 4years old couldn't care less about the salad.

(Should I mention that in my perusal of the 'fridge realized that my medicated and preoccupied brain made no dessert either.)
Hahahahahaha. No, not at all funny! This is a Sunday dinner mind... All bases covered. Usually...
This birdhouse was given to my son 23 years ago. It was  almost 100 years old then. It had ceramic Victorian food and water dishes. Adorable all rusty and chippy... perfect!

Can we say 'Oh my' with hands on cheeks here...
...hands on red flaming cheeks.

I grinned and well, we dove into the main.
Now in my defense, the beef was mouthwateringly tender and delicious.  The potatoes were  things of beauty. Golden and crisp. With the perfect amount of herbs.... 
The carrots were YUM! Glazed in orange juice , brown sugar and ginger... mmmmmmm!!!
The Yorkshire pud! What a beauty!
The drinks were perfectly sweet and tart as Florida citrus should be. The tea was great!!
I luv this inherited vintage desk. Not sure of the exact age... But it is topped with another fave. My copy of Uncle Remus. Bought at a antiques Market years ago. Circa 1939.  And yes, a phone :-) Gotta have them.

No one missed the salad I am sure... only me. I was beside myself.
I had to get in the minute. So I smiled, and we had a wonderful meal.
I was able to engage in titillating conversations and no one noticed I was mulling away in my mind.
Inherited dining table and chairs. Passed down to us from our Beloved Carole and Bill. Black and chippy... What's not to luv?

Dinner went well.
Miss Bella had to be taken home and put to bed....
Kitchen was cleaned by the lads ( they are wonderful like that)
No, really... I cook and they clean like mad men!

We , the Mr and I settled in with coffee to watch Downton Abbey, and I kept on with my pondering...

Took it to bed with me. Any one else do this??

Had dreams about it!!! I mean... hello... save me here! Can we solve this already?

Then comes morning....
Foggy, cool . Beautiful!!

I am up... migraine. Geez!!

Every one leaves.... I get coffee, meds, and sleep. I get an hour of blissfully medicated BLACK sleep.

Then I awake... refreshed! Clear!

No humming in my head... no pondering and solving!

Just like that. Gone!

I grab the unfinished canvas... 
Chose my paints and brushes.

Exit stage left to the sun room.
BLAST some Foo Fighters and Metallica...
and I work.
And work..
(Even got in a workout , and vacuumed and dusted while paint dried)
My hands sped.... a life all their own.
They knew it was solved before I did.


Yeah, have you ever had a day like that?


But it's done :-)

Hugs, Gee

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  1. I love all your beautiful things!

    1. Thank you. Glad you came by for a visit ..
      Cheers, Gee

  2. Oh GEE...I love it!! Funny how the mind works...I am heading to bed now and all I can think of is your roast and potatoes..LOL!!! You made me hungry with just your writing..glad you migraine is gone..those things suck...
    Hugs and great job on the Beautiful painting!

    1. Hahaha... I guess I shouldn't tell you I am eating chocolate cookies and sipping coffee :-)
      Migraine all gone! Thank God. It did suck!
      Thanks... 1 down, another to finish before months end :-) Glad you stopped by Karin!
      HUGS and sweet dreams my friend.

  3. Oh I love your painting Gee!!!
    And yes I have those days - you are not alone lol - you are most definitely not alone!

    1. Oh thank you Susan :-)So glad to know I have company in this.. hahahhaaa.. we are women! Glad you popped by for a visit.
      Gee xx

  4. I have suffered a few migraines lately too! They really can knock me off my feet.I wish I did not have to take meds for it.But you know how it is.Nothing else seems to work.

    1. I think it's something to do with the weather?? Early pollinating or something.... At least that's what I am assuming. They are terrible.... sorry you suffer with them as well.
      Here's to a wonderful day Anne.
      Gee xx

  5. I think we all have days like that, but thankfully they are few and far between! I know you must have been absolutely mortified to see there was no dessert., we can live without that. But's the staple of life! :-) Don't beat yourself up. You provided a beautiful meal for your family, and I'm sure they all loved it. I have heard of Yorkshire pudding many, many times, but I have never eaten it. I guess that's something else to add to my Bucket List! It IS amazing what we do as women in this life. We manage to do it all even under the worst circumstances. I'm glad you're feeling better and that the cloud has lifted. Take care of yourself!!!

    1. Hahahaha... it was so funny. I was so upset... no one said a word. Nothing.... the man ( The Mr. and my boys) knew I was not up to par, asked if I wanted to put dinner off. No, I had it under control... eeermmm... not!
      I am doing great. Every once in awhile I get a migraine. If I catch it in tike, I can avoid the mess of it. But Sunday's snuck up on me in my sleep.
      HUGS, Gee

  6. Gee, I am sorry you are having trouble linking. Just add a highlighted link and it should work.

  7. Hi gee...glad you joined the party. Your room is filled with delight!

    1. :-) as always, it was my pleasure. Been hopping about reading and oohhhing!
      Cheers, Gee

  8. I wish my son would clean the kitchen after dinner! All he says is "Okay, dinner was good. What's for dessert!" LOL! Blessings, Tammy

    1. Hahahahahaa.. I can hear it now :-) Boys what can I say?!
      Glad you came by..
      Hugs, Gee

  9. Beautiful sunroom, and so nice to meet u Gee.....Just to let u know i enjoy the Fl sunshine everyday of the week, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment on my guest room..........Hopefully we'll see more of each other in blogland......Bonnie

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes, I did notice that you were also enjoying the unseasonal warmth in Florida. Isn't it nice... an unexpected treat .
      Your guestroom is luvly.. I am in luv with the bed! :-)
      See you soon.
      Cheers, Gee

  10. Gee,

    I love Downton Abbey, too! I am so glad that Matthew decided to give them the money! Your sunroom is beautiful!


    1. Thank you, Thank you Ma'am :-) Master Vic thinks it's his room. he's such a spoiled little man. At present he's passed out on the recliner ensconced in the afghan I just washed. I mean, hello.. clean?!

      I know right... I was watching and whispering 'please do it... please do it' ... Hopeless , that's me . We get all entwined don't we? But it's all good! Poor Edith though. The old codger left her at the alter. YIKES.
      Hugs, Gee

  11. I do believe you are superwoman!! I don't know how you did all of that with a migraine! I've never had one but know people that have and heard they are AWFUL. You poor thing. Your meal sounded delicious and you are such a trooper for not cancelling your dinner plans. I probably would've! LOL! Glad to hear that your medicine worked and you're doing well now.

    1. Thanks Kelly. :-)Cancelling plans would have disappointed a certain 4 year old. Couldn't have that. She's so cute . Funny, she was the only one who asked for dessert. Hahahahahaa..
      I am sitting here sipping coffee and enjoying a beautiful crisp winter's morning. North Central Florida style ... 55*F
      Here's to a beautiful weekend!
      Cheers, Gee

  12. What a fun sunroom, it makes me miss the one we had in VA! You are superwoman, I would have had a melt-down for sure! ;) I suffer from migraines, so I feel your pain. Your dinner sounded DELISH!. It's amazing how we get through days like that, isn't it? ;) ((HUGS)) Glad you are feeling better! :) xo ~Liz

    P.S. The Tamales are way easier to make then you think. Pick a meat, cook it, shred it, season it, set it aside. Place corn husks in boiling water for a few like a charm to loosen them up. Prepare your masa, spread onto corn husks, add filling/shredded meat, roll the tamales and secure them with toothpicks, or tie them with corn husks. I then placed my tamales in a dutch oven, filled it with a little water and added my steaming basket, and steamed them for 45 minutes. It's that simple, a bit time-consuming, but they are fun to make and DELISH!! I'm no pro, but that's how I made mine! ;)

    1. When I lived in VA, all I had was a balcony :-/ Hahahahahaa. I was young and we had a condo.
      I(with my trusty pal Vic) spend a lot of time in the sun room. Thanks, we think it a sweet place to hang out during the day. It's also where i paint. 3 walls of windows... the best light.

      Oh you are the best!! Was just telling the Mr. about your message. Will have to make them now for sure. I had a menu for the week, and I think I will have to change it up a bit. I foresee tamales in my very near future. Thank you.. thank you Liz!!
      Hugs, Gee

  13. Sounds like it was a delightful dinner despite the horrid migraine you had! How wonderful that the guys take care of clean up too :o)
    Have a great week!

    1. Oh Des it was. I live in a home with 3 very sweet men!! I cook , they clean up... it is a wonderful thing. I know I am very blessed in this aspect. Their wives will be grateful I hope :-)Wishing you and yours a very wonderful week as well. Long weekend !! Luv them.
      Cheers, Gee

  14. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

    1. It was my pleasure Kathy. Yes, most certainly :-)
      Cheers, Gee

  15. You are a mighty woman, to do all of that with a migraine...amazing! But you're right we woman can rise to the occasion.

    1. Hello Karen. Hahahahahaaa, laughing at mighty woman. In my home, I live with 3 men, the Mr and two young men our sons. They are all 6 footers and wee little me at 5'2" . I make up for it in attitude :-)
      Thanks for stopping by. "Cheers, Gee

  16. Wow, I admire you brave lady! Migraines are bad enough, but to continue on is amazing! Your sunroom looks so beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. I hope you have a very restful weekend. :)


    1. Thanks Cathy. :-) Thank goodness they are not a frequent thing.
      It was my pleasure to share. Fun hopping was had :-)
      Looking forward to a great weekend. Wishing you and yours the same.
      Hugs, Gee

    2. I loved what you wrote I didn't even need the photos (although lovely) It sounds like I was reading your personal journal. I wonder sometimes with great artists out there "what were they thinking of when they created such and such" what triggers our inspirations and for a day we got to see what you have created, thanks so much.

  17. I can't say I've had a day exactly like that, but I know for sure I've forgotten a course for a meal a time or two, and I am positive I have turned on Metallica and danced my way to house work.


    1. Oh Boy!!! What a day that was. That was my last Migraine attack . Knock on wood! I still have to have loud music to paint by :-) Working on a diptych to 80's rock these days.
      Hahahahaaa.. but it's all good.
      Thanks for stopping by for a chat.
      Hugs, Gee

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  25. You have one beautiful sunroom over there, Gee. It could be a good place to think and relax your mind, especially when you're in confusion. But I think it would look more relaxing if it's almost bare of displays. Just a simple set of furniture is enough to make it more private.

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  28. You can find a lot of cool and unique items in your sunroom. I love the rusted urns, the bird cage, and the typewriter. What made you decide to place those stuff in the area? Well, they definitely had a big contribution on your fabulous sunroom. They really deserved to be there!

    Ryann Hoyer @ Yancey Company