Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Last Sunday of 2012

As I sit and enjoy the last  Sunday afternoon of 2012, the sun sliding lower  into the horizon on this beautiful Florida Winter's day.....
The trees are all lit and glowing that soft warm glow.
Christmas is gone, days behind us now.

But I find myself not wanting to put it behind me
I am still enjoying the pretty little vignettes throughout the house.

 That added sparkle that heralds Christmas. 
The bling and shine.. 
The sparkle and glow.
Those special bits from years past that are instant reminders of wonderful memories.
Of Joy and Love and Laughter.
So as we bid adieu to 2012 , as I sip coffee from Christmas cups
and nibble on Christmas cookies and \sweets.

Lets remember 2012 fondly.... look upon the storms we have weathered as lessons in life.

And look forward to a Blessed 2013. A year filled with lots of joy and wonderful times.
Filled with Blessings and good health!

Happy New Year Everybody!!
Always only the Best . 

Lots of Luv,

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas wish....

Wishing all my friends in Blogland a Very Merry Christmas!!
May your Christmas Day be filled with lots of Love and Joy.
Mine is such a morning....

I am stealing a few minutes to share my joy.....
Merry Christmas Everybody!!!


Gee and Family
A simple setting for a Christmas breakfast.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Merry Christmas from our house to yours...

I am all about the feeling of Christmas, being of 'Goodwill to all'.
Of Family and Love and Laughter...
 ...of Joy and Sharing.

Not the commercial side... oh No!!!
Having said that,
come on in and visit.

The foyer... 3'tree done in red and silver with a Creche on the table. Lit garland on the pony wall.

Walk with me to the Family room. 
Family Room. 8'tree done in crystal, white and silver balls with iced branches and icicles. Mantel is done with magnolia branches , pine cones, cotton bolls and red and silver berries.
   Can you see the Sun room tree.

This one is done in reds and golds. One of my favourite rooms to sit and relax in....
... perfect for some Gee time. 

The Sun room. 6' tree decorated in reds and golds. Quite a bit of them being shiny brites found at antique stores and yard sales. 

Next we come to the kitchen and breakfast nook.
Not many pictures of the kitchen I'm afraid.... was busy making candy.
Looking toward the breakfast nook. 2 2'trees in bronze urns decorated with pine cones, and red and white berries.

Looking form the breakfast bar toward the foyer.
 The dining room is very warm and cozy. We eat here almost every night. The place where the best conversations are had.... and the food's not bad either :-)

Dining room tree, 2' in a rusted urn, with red and gold decorations.
Whew, I need a coffee, you?
Let's pause for aone in the dining room and then we will move on to the Master suite....
Hallway leading to Master,

Tree in Master, 4' twig tree with collected ornaments , crystal and spun glass, and a few shiny brites collected over the years.

Snow man couple in the master bath.
Oppps, should show a peek of the Hall bath....

I promised the boys that they could maintain their privacy .... no blogging about their rooms.
They do have trees up .... but I will respect them and let their rooms be.

I am glad you stopped on by for a visit.
Hoped you enjoyed walking around with me.

Merry Christmas!!!

Gee and Family.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Joys of Christmas Trees

You know those days?
The perfect days when you awake to mist and a soft sweet morning?
Perfect Fall days that makes you glad to be alive ?
Today is one of those days.
 Misty and soft and perfect. 
Foyer Tree. 3' in an urn decorated with clusters of silver and white balls, velvet poinsettias, and red tulle.Lit garland on the half wall decorated in a similar fashion..

I love those days... 
I am quick to get up and start enjoying.
Coffee in hand I watch the mist rise... 
... the sun burn away the veil to reveal a beautiful bright morning. 

Family Room Tree. 8' tree decorated in silver, white and crystal balls, iced branches, icicles and the boys teething keys.

 This morning in the quiet of the mist, the Mr. and I enjoyed a quiet simple breakfast of croissants and cafe au lait.
What could be more perfect to sit and watch mist burn away with?
(Master Vic had his kibble)

Dining Room Tree sits on the buffet. 2 ' tree in a rusted urn decorated in golds and reds. Vintage shiny bright ornaments sit in an ironstone tureen.

In North Central Florida, Fall sunshine is gloriously bright. Today it is streaming in the windows casting little pools of sunshine all over the place.
Awakening all it touches, and bringing everything to life.

Breakfast Nook Trees. 2, 2' trees in bronze urns with natural touches of pine-cones, red and white berries, twigs and nuts.

Watching the mist rise gives me a sense of Peace... of Calm. 
A feeling that the day will be wonderful.
A perfect gift to enjoy!

Sun Room Tree. 6' (placed on a corner table) Decorated in reds and golds with gold ribbons and a bow topper.Bleached white linen as a tree skirt.
 Big puffy white clouds that look like over sized cotton balls have now sailed on in to join the blue skies and sunshine of my day.
It has been rather dry of late, and rain would be a most welcomed addition.....
A soft rain... 

Tree on table outside Master Suite. Another 2' tree in a rusty urn decorated in silver. Silver pine-cones and picks. A chest of vintage shiny brights sits beside it.
 The promise of a soft rain makes me happy.
Now, I am a sunshine kinda girl. I am all about the sunshine and bright days. 
However the rain has been scarce of late.....
and we are in need of moisture.

Remember the urns from my yard sale venture? They are on the bar, filled with pine picks and silver gilded fruit and white berries.

As I sit and enjoy the last of my coffee, I am planning what I am going to do for the rest of my perfect Sunday.
 So many ideas... each even better than the one before.
What are you doing today?

Here' s to a Joyous day.
Cheers, Gee

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