Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Master Vic, my companion, my protector.

Master Vic is a pup unlike any other.
Why you ask?
Well, simply because he's ours!!

 This is Master Vic the day we got him.
The lads and I went to the Animal Rescue and chose him.
Actually, to be honest, he chose us.
Vet claimed, he was a 7 month old Chocolate Lab boy. 

To us he was just too adorable for his own good.
Soo, he became our first dog!!
He was perfect when we got him...
we have since ruined him. 
Some how he got just a wee bit
As the fingers point... to blank faces.
No one is to blame.
We enrolled the family and Master Vic in obedience classes.
It went well.
We are very obedient...
and we walk nicely and play well with others.
Stop and stay...
But He, Master Vic, he rules the home!!
he's the BOSS.
... and he knows it. 

Why, because he's adorable!
The groomer's love him.
They make time for him to get all handsome .
I mean, how can you resists this face?!
No matter how spoiled though,
 or rotten he is,
When it comes to him Mommy...
watch out. Master Vic is all business.
All teeth and raised fur. 

Protector and companion to the very end.
At my feet while I sip coffee in the mornings..
in my lap as I watch TV or read at nights.
Stealing my chair during the day when he's in a playful mood...
flat out and snoring on the couch for a looong nap.
The many faces that make up our Pup.

This face.. still my favourite though. The perfect face... innocence personified...

Now a big boy of 2years  and 4 months, he's still very  much a Pup at heart.

Undying love and kisses... 
boundless joy at the end of a rough day.
Our Master Vic, rescue pup... 
Master of the house!

Cheers, Gee

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fluffing for Fall.

As the dawn awakens in a wash of pale pinks and lavenders...
as the birds stir with the first warmth of the sun.
The temperatures are just a bit cooler now...
as Summer grudgingly makes way for Fall.

The days are just a little bit shorted now and the evenings cool
as the sunsets are a blaze of bright on the waning daylight.
Crimson and purple goodbyes....
Casting longer shadows.  

...... and we fluff!
... and nest.
Making the homes soft and cozy..
... homey.
Pumpkins and gourds...
candle light.

Oil lamps and tarnished silver.
Burnished copper of the fallen leaves,
they crinkle...
Crimson and yellow
they gather.

Flowers past their prime... 
dried and faded beauty.
Berries red and orange
lend their colour.

As the days grow short.. and the evenings cool,
we nest.
We fluff... 
The thoughts of chili, soups and casseroles flit through our minds... 
layering  and coziness.
Setting sun and long shadows....
We fluff.

Are you  Fluffing for fall??

Cheers, Gee

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

When in Doubt....

I awoke to the second day of breezy cooler ( well not in the 90's) temperatures.
The windows are all opened and a nice breeze is sending the drapes to swishing. I love that sound. 
The sound of swishing silk drapes. Don't you?
I am feeling Fall!!!!!

This Fall/ Autumn. I was determined I was going to change the colours to a more muted tone. 
Yes... I had my mind made up!!

I unpacked these.....

You see, this May, we started a redo. 
A redo of the home from Tuscan style to a more Cottagey look.
(yes, I checked... that is too a word)
Things were going full on forward. Painting , redoing furniture pieces...
Yup!! We were busy!
Then the ugly "health monster' raised it's head. Then all reno ceased.
 We had to take it easy......
According to our boys, we were both broken parents. 

So, we took it easy... for 2 months.
Now we are back!!
Not full swing as yet, but baby steps.

The yellow/ gold is gone form all walls. The faux treatment is no more.

Walls are plain and creamy white in some rooms, and Swiss almond in others.

The Fall decor remains bright.
But you know what? I like it.
The thought was to redo it at first. Then you know, we had to cease. So I decided... I'd ease into it.
 Introduce a few muted things, and by next year, full on muted Fall.

But now... I am thinking let's leave it as it is...

So, I went to creating.
 I wanted a table runner.
 I have loads already.
 Runners for all seasons. 
But I wanted something different.
Out came the craft paper, and the measuring tape and the hot glue.

I measured the table folded the paper and glued a seem in the middle of the back. Wrinkled the paper all up.

Had some frustrations and I took it all out of that poor paper. Then I ironed it flat again.
 Cut a 4 inch strip and glued in a 'ruffle' on both ends.
Table runner extraordinaire a la Gee.
Then I proceeded to dress the table. 

I slowly over the next few days moved to the coffee table and mantle ( will share some more in another post)
 Then moved outside to the front door and entryway.
I am slowly adding more and more until in October, the home will be fully decorated .
I will be sharing little snippets of the rooms as I go full on ahead. 

Changes and tweaking as I go .... 

But in the meantime, please enjoy another peek into my Fall/Autumn  about the home.

Tell me if like me you find yourself drawn to the traditional colours.
The oranges, burn sienna, russets and chocolates. 

What are you doing this Fall?

Cheers, Gee

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