Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The sitting room

The Sitting room
(as it is today)

As I am sitting here, enjoying the pleasures of a sweet cool breeze, the curtain swaying....
I realized that this in one room I have not shared of late. As a matter of fact, I think I have only shared sneak peeks of it ever.
This is where morning coffee is sipped... blog posts are planned and written.
My companion enjoying the day snoring next to me....
As he enjoys some sunshine.... My constant companion... my shadow, Master Vic.

This room is to the rear of the home and I have the beauty of the back garden from the window. The corner of the back yard, where the rose arbor is covered at the moment in sprays of red roses, and because it's Springtime, the Amaryllis are blooming in a riot of colour . The  Shrimp plant is showing off in a sweet shade of salmon.
The Oxalis, (Clover) is blooming in lavender all over the place.
It is so easy for me to be here and be inspired.....


In the quiet of the day, I can hear the rustle of the leaves on the trees in the breeze.
Enjoy the rays of sunlight that bounces in through the window.
Smell the perfume of the flowers in the back garden.
Where I am surrounded by photos of my luved ones, my boys and my GrandBella.
As in all the other rooms of our home, there are bits and pieces of vintage and antiques ...
Accumulated pieces and inherited pieces. Things with a past... a story to tell. Filled with warmth and luv.

My sitting room, another room in my home that reflects my style... Acquired, lived in, lived.
My sitting room, another room in my home that reflects my style... acquired, lived in, luved .
Thanks for coming by and visiting with me.

Have a wonderful rest of week.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Vintage treasures.....

Vintage treasures....
I luv older things. Things with a past life... a soul... a story to tell. Now don't get me wrong. I luv the new and up to date as well. Says the girl with a laptop, Microsoft Surface and a brand new shiny red Nokia Lumia windows phone.
But... vintage things do speak to me. I guess it comes from living in a home as a  small child filled with Colonial mahogany pieces... French armoires and china cabinets.... French table and dining chairs...
They just say home and comfort to me.
So, needless to say my haunts are Antique and
 Vintage Markets, and of late, Thrift Stores.

Upon visiting  a newly opened Antique Store in my small City, we met a dealer who informed us that she sells the over flow at home on some weekends. Well, needless to say, we went.
And returned.. again, and again.
A few weeks ago, she had one of her sales.
We popped by to peek....
Be still my beating heart.
I spied a lamp... without a price tag. I was kinda nervous. The Mr. saw it , saw my face and he asked for me. With my heart in my throat, I waited. $5.00.
$5.00 they said... but...
Yes, I knew it... a BUT!!
 But , he continued... you have to take the pair and the silk shades.
2 lamps  with shades for $5.00.

Did I hear right.? Before  he could change his mind we picked them up.... 2 lamps, with original harps (yeah!) and 2 w\vintage silk shades. We paid the $5.00 and almost ran to our car.
We finished our errands and came home with our prize.
2 cream coloured lamps , with flowers and gold embellishments.
 I knew I had seen them somewhere before.... So I hopped on eBay and Etsy  .
Calm down... calm down Gee
Smaller lamps, similar in design... $145 each. Just the shade, no harp.



 The first 2 lamps we got, with the orange poppies, we placed in the sun room. Such a salute to Spring I think.

A week later, we were once again going out. We were just hanging out enjoying a sunny day, when, yes... her sign. We turned around and went to check out her new treasures.
What do you know.... another lamp. Same type... a bit smaller with a price tag.
Vintage... with beautiful roses and a brass piece at the bottom. We ended up with 3 treasures that day. The lamp over shadowed them as I cannot remember what else we got.

The Mr. checked out the wiring for me and repaired what needed to be done.
The first 2 we got with the shades, well either the shades were not for them, or the harps were too short. So we chose to keep the harps and replace the shades with new cream coloured silk ones.
The vintage silk shades, ended up at our bedside. One has some dark spots that silk tends to get over time... but that does not mar the beauty for us and just makes it all the more attractive.
They have such a story to tell.
All creamy and silky...

The little one with the roses and

brass base, well it also graces the master bedroom .
She sits on my vanity also equipped with a new silk shade in cream.
So for $6.00 not counting the purchase of the 2 silk shades for the first 2 lamps, we have a bit of history...

A bit of old world....
Just like we like it.

the 2 silk shades we got with the first 2 lamps. They grace the sides of our bed. We have hanging lamps.

Our home is a blend of the old and the new...
Things passed down from my family, and the Mr.'s
Treasures form Antique Markets, Thrift Stores and Yard Sales.
Things with soul.
With a story.
 My children have grown up with such stories....
Great , great grand ma's handmade linens.
Great, great grandma's silver
Great grand ma's dishes
Depression era glasses

I must share one of the sweetest things....
The last 2 Christmases our youngest has gotten our gifts from a local Antiques Mall.
Depression era glasses, canisters, and vinyl records.
That made me so proud. He also for gifts for his friends from there as well. Aahhhh made me so happy to see that.

So yes... when you see photos of my home... there will be the odd vintage camera collection , dishes, glasses, linens, furniture pieces, lamps...
Yes, all things with a story to tell.
I surround myself with pieces that makes me smile.



Now if anyone have any information about these lamps... anything, no matter how small. I would luv to hear it. The make... age...

So I leave you with the wish for a wonderful weekend and

happy shopping!

HUGS, Gee 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In my own style

In my own style...
I have always been one to march to my own drum... dance to my inner music.
I don't play into fads and trends.
Some 19 years ago, when we decided we were tired of renting and wanted to be home owners, we build a small 3 bedroom , 2 bath cottage on a wooded lot.
It was darling and I decorated it in a rustic American country look. The boys were young, 7 and 2 and I wanted things that would survive trucks and Legos.

Slowly, as they grew up a little, I moved on to my favourite, French Cottage and my true  style shone true. A mix of painted pieces, dark wood, slip covers and galvanized.
(Alas, I have no pictures,
 as this was preblogging.)
(dining room)

That little cottage sold 24 hours after being listed.
Which leads us to where we are now... a builder grade we had to acquire quickly and was to flip after we build our new home. Well, no one told the market of our plans 8.5 years ago... so here we still are :)
Upon moving here, we decided to do something different. We wanted a Mediterranean feel and went with Italian country. Reds, greens and gold.
(family room/living room)


I soon grew tired of that and well, reverted to my whites, slip covers, and dark woods. Pops ad red and green are still in evidence, but for the most part... the main colour scheme is a neutral canvas with pops of colour as I see fit.
My description is ' a sepia photo with pops of colour' . That's the look I want.
Calm... welcoming and warm.
I luv ironstone... white, transferware.... well let's be honest, dishware on a whole. I have  a lot a few sets... can we just say over a dozen complete sets. Glasses, and flatware come in at a close second. You will see sets, pieces pop up in the décor in various rooms from time to time. In my defense , I do use them... ALL of them.
(sitting room)

I crave light... and lots of it. Grey days make me blue. Living in North Central Florida, we are blessed with lots of sunny days, and my light , bright décor makes the most of this. I write this in my sitting room that is flooded with sunlight, and a gentle breeze makes the oatmeal coloured curtains sway.
I guess what I am saying in not so few words is this, embrace your own style. Surround yourself with what makes you and yours happy. Buy what puts a smile on your face and your home will be a reflection of you.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Sprinkling of Red...

A sprinkling of red...

It is so hard to believe it is already mid February! The days are just flying by...
The foyer

Red candlesticks and my 2 vintage chicken lamps.

After the removal of all the Christmas décor, I left up winter twigs, berries , magnolia leaves and branches, pinecones and fat red candles.
The pops of red throughout the home carries me through the month of February. And Valentine's day.

The living room.

White ironstone pieces and fat red candles. A nice winter scent of apples and pumpkin.



The dining room.

Just a little pop of red to carry me through the sometimes grey days of winter. Yes even here in the Sunshine State we have been inundated with our fair share of grey days this winter.
I tend to keep the décor a nice calm  neutral that way I can add pops of color to suit me throughout the year

If you are snow bound... do keep warm and safe.
Today, we are being treated with a sunny , albeit cold afternoon after a dreary morning.
To me, sunshine makes anything better.
Tonight, we will be back to freezing.
This has been a looong winter.

Happy today.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

The twelve days of Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas

In our home, the Christmas decorations start  on December 1st and continue on until Christmas Eve.

That's when the fun begins.
The 12 days of Christmas starting December 25th and going on until the 6th of January.

So I thought it was very fitting on this the 5th day of Christmas to finally share a peek of the entire home all done up for the Holidays
Sooo, with  a little less talking from me and a bit more shots... I give you , Christmas about the cottage.

Come on in...

 The Foyer

Right off the foyer, The Great room/ Living room

9.5 ft tree done in Shiny Brites. I finally collected enough to do it.
Vines, Magnolia branches, Pine cones, White Pine branches and Palatka Holly adorn the tree as well.

Magnolia branches, silk Magnolia flowers, Pine cones, White Pine branches and candles.

The Sun room is right of the great room.

The Ice tree.

Tarnished bowl, given to me by my DIL Danielle

The Sitting room.

The Bella Tree
By Christmas morning.. the gifts were almost to the door of the room.

 The dining room is to the right of the Foyer.
Luv this... little tree in the  vintage birdcage. Pine cones and 1 red cardinal.

Table set for Christmas Eve Champagne breakfast

Brown Transferware on the buffet.

Last but not least, the never before seen Master Bedroom.
. A reclaimed door... still bearing hardware was redone into our headboard after the vintage four poster was broken by wrestling boys and their father.

A mix of vintage white ( dresser and vanity), reclaimed door headboard, rocking chair from my MIL
The coverlet is in sage green. The picture does not show the true colour. The curtains, many layers, roman shades in tan, sheer in gold and a natural canvas drape.
Brown, creams and sage make up a soothing colour scheme in the Master suite. I added red for the season.

My collection of Boyd's Bears and Bunnies have had to take up residence on the armoire so master Vic cannot get to them.

The tree (mini) in the hallway leading to the Master

So there we have it... the cottage all done up for Christmas . This year I pared down quite a LOT.

Only 4 trees were decorated... the remaining ones left bare, or almost bare.
The fully decorated garlands and swags removed a day after I set them out. I was just not feeling it.
A pared down ( a LOT of paring down)... a Simple Christmas was what I had in mind.

Thanks for stopping by.
May your remaining days of Christmas be Joyous and you New Year filled with Happiness.