Saturday, November 21, 2015

The First Tree of the Season

The First Tree of the Season .Every year, for the last 8 or so years, I have had the pleasure, the sheer joy of decorating the Tree in the Sanctuary of the Salvation Army Church .


Always the first tree I do every year and the one that gives me such satisfaction and sets the tone for my Christmas Season!

Red and gold are colours taken out of the Salvation Army flag and thus, they shine brightly with meaning on the tree.

This year I decided to try something a little bit different.
The new star topper bought last year has a rustic feel...
Amber colored glass and brass.
A tarnished vintage design.
The new tree skirt red and a burlap look.

I expounded on that by adding
 rustic burlap ribbon diagonally here and there on the tree.

And the multiple shades of gold and red baubles in an 'umbre' look.
The result... Simplistic Elegance.
We are quite happy with the end results.

However as always... this sparks the need for me to pull down all things Fall and  start trimming my plethora of trees.

It's going to be a VERY long week as I try and control my urges.
Feed into my luv of all things Christmas .

Enjoy the start of the Holiday Season!

Big hugs,


Monday, October 5, 2015

A beautiful October day (quick peek)

A beautiful October Day...
You know those perfect days ? The ones where  you wake up and know, just know it's going to be wonderful.
The sun is rising, tinting the dark sky a pale shade of peach...
the birds are serenading the new day with the  most melodious songs.
The air is cooler, and there is a sweet breeze blowing in the opened sun room windows.

Where you sip coffee and wait for the
arrival of the cutest baby ever!!
Knowing there will be snuggle time, and kisses
Giggles and slobber
mischief and sniffles
hugs and laughter
and lots of luv!!

I am having one of those such days!!
A perfect day of walking around with a baby on my hip and playing, and taking quick shots with my phone to capture moments before they are lost...
Soo, yes, today October 5th, 2015 is a perfectly wonderful Fall(ish) day.
And I am enjoying every moment of it.



Hoping your day is going just as amazing as mine. Full of luv, and soft breezes, kisses and lots of phone shots to capture the day!

Big hugs,

Please excuse the unstaged, totally real life phone shots.
Baby Win and I were just enjoying too much to do otherwise.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy September

Happy September !


Hello .
What a summer it has been around here !
A virtual madhouse really.
But hey, who is complaining , right?
It has been a typical summertime here in North Central Florida. Hot mornings and wet rainy afternoons with BIG rumbling thunder storms with the best display of lightening. Wind  making the trees do a wild dance.


As sweet as this all was, it hampered , in many ways, the progress that was going on here.
Due to the rains, we have not finished the back garden that we started months ago. The rains made it almost impossible to work and well, the weeds are growing faster than anything we put in.
The patio did get totally redone and the Gazebo erected.
The fire pit area did get finished and the benches painted.
The bed with the bird bath in it is also finished and looking quite pretty.
3 beds to go.....
The heat and humidity has put the sun room project on a bit of a hold as well. 3 walls have been ship lapped and painted, and the third one is half way done.
The windows are 1/2 way trimmed out and still in need of semi gloss white paint.



The breakfast nook did get the brick painted a nice dreamy white and so all we need now is to put up the new burlap valances and find the perfect wooden chairs for the antique farm house table.




We did buy new rugs for the living room and dining room. A nice cream based with sprinkling of colours throughout. We actually agreed at like the 10th store we went to in a 2 week period.

Exterior paint colours has been agreed upon , yes!! and that will be another HUGE project, but after the windows get changed out.
A slight change in the accent wall colours in the living room is also on the list as well as the purchase of a new loveseat and occasional chair.
Fans have been changed out.....
There will be some furniture swap happening soon as well.
Oh yes... this has been quite the busy, BUSY few months around here.
That plus the Mr. studying and taking exams..
Me watching Baby Win 4 days a week...
Trips to just get away!!
Back to school...
Oh you know... living :)

But I am back... as often as I can.
I plan on sharing little peeks and full reveals as they pop up.
In the meantime, we soldier on.
With cooler weather coming soon, I hope! We should be able to finish both the back garden and the sun room.
So there is a light at the proverbial end of this tunnel ;)

Talk soon.
Big hugs,

Since I wrote this a week ago, we went on a luvly 4 day getaway ... drove to Miami, took in a Castle and garden exhibit called Viscaya. Built in 1916 to 1919.
 So luvly!!!
And refinished the farm table top.
Worked on the entry way. :)
Got a new coverlet for the master, and some new pillows.
The summer to do list is whittling down!!!
We are leaving the garden until it cools down.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Horse craze!

 Horse Crush!!!

I am breathing a HUGE
 sigh of relief!!!
Last night I got word from my dear friend Karen , that one of her horses was doing poorly. When she explained what was going on, I was fearing the very worse .
I am not embarrassed to admit, I was pretty upset. Sent up prayers for my friend and her pony!
So in light of the good news I received today,
that Univar's leg has an abscess , NOT broken!!
I give you ,
 My horses!!

Tenny Blue (night)
Acrylic on canvas

Another Game
Acrylic and plaster on reclaimed wood.
On display and available in a local store.
Tennyson, aka Another Game, aka The Pin up.

Acrylic on reclaimed wood.

Now most of you know by now, I have a BIG fear of horses.
They are one of my favourite to paint and sketch... but all from photos and video :)
My favourite horses to paint/ sketch, live in Northern Ireland!
Karen's horses!
She has AMAZING ones.
My horse crushes!

The Pin up
Charcoal and graphite sketch in Northern Ireland

(yet unfinished)
The reason for this post.

 Now I live in Marion County.
'Horse Capital of The World'
So I do see and have the  pleasure of sketching some local ones...
But my Irish horses hold my heart.

(graphite and charcoal on paper)

(commission , charcoal and graphite on paper)

Arabian. Graphite and charcoal on paper

Bree . Arabian

A few weeks ago, I wrote , but could NOT publish a farewell to Blogland.
I find myself very busy helping with the care of the Littles .
My plate is full with that and my painting and commissions.
Still... I held off posting the farewell.
I will be sporadic in posting... when I can.  And the photos will be 'phone' quality unless my photographer is available. He's been very busy of late.
So there we have it!!

Big hugs!!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring.


Happy Spring.

Spring dawned grey and foggy today. But like a slow soft kiss, the sun warmed up the sky  and broke through the clouds!!
I thrive on sunshine .
A sweet, sunny (partly cloudy) warm Spring day !!
As my nod to Springtime and pastels....
Today this piece went on display for the next 3 months.

Springtime Bloom

Heavy layers of plaster and acrylic on a reclaimed canvas.
Then framed in a reclaimed wooden frame.
Canvas is 24 x 36 plus frame which is about 5 inches thick.
Better picture of the texture .
I luv working with plaster... layering it under , between the paint.

Happy today!
Hoping that if you are not enjoying Spring type weather where you are, you soon will be.

Hugs, Gee

Friday, March 13, 2015

My luv affair.... Shhhh !!

 My luv affair.
Shhhh.... !!!!

cross stich my mother made for me years ago.

It all started like everything else... soft and slow.
Then before you know it, I was HOOKED!
In luv.
I have tried ...
Walked away.
Hid it....
But I can't .
It always come back ....
Front and foremost!!
My luv affair with red.

Red lantern and red flowers in the throw on my favourite chair in my sitting room.

reflection of my favourite corner in my sitting room.

tarnished silver and red lantern. LUV!!!

I remember as a small child of maybe 7 or 8 having this beautiful red dress.
My mother always dressed me in pastels (not a big fan). Pale yellows... pinks... girly stuff. Lace and flounces.


My spot!!!!

red roses I painted a serving tray next to my chair.
Chalkboard coaster made by my GrandBella.

Then my Great Aunt, a professional seamstress made me this amazing dress.
Red lace over red satin. Red on red. With unlined sleeves.
My golden skin peeked through.
I was smitten...
I fell fast!
I mean... it was amazing. Just a plain straight 'shift' with a scooped neck, with the scalloped lace edging, and long sleeves

two of my favourite pillows on the couch in the sitting room.

aaahhhh... red toile!!!

From then on, I wanted red!!!
There was nothing else that made my heart flutter like it.
But over the years, I have tried.
I have walked away from it.
Packed my feelings away..
smothered my luv....
Hidden my want and need of it.
But some days, I just weaken and let it show.

red toile in the nook window.

more red sprinkled about , in the dining room.

just a simple red star.

Smother myself in my luv .
Sneak it in....
Let it show...
and I smile.
I feel happy.

Just unable to hide it anymore......

Happy weekend.
Fall in luv!