Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer time reflections !

Summer times reflections.

As a child, I spent every summer of my childhood on the shores of the Sea in  Corozal Town. A small seaside town in the country of Belize in Central America.

breakfast nook with bay window. Vintage farm table and mismatched chairs.

detail in bay

Detail in bay

A sweet breeze..... balmy summer evenings walking on the sea wall.


I look upon those summers with such a warm and squishy feeling in my heart.

Like warm ice cream running down your arm on a hot summers day.

My Punjabi grandfather was such a sweet , sweet man. I know now I was rather overindulged as a child holidaying with him.
I never wanted for a thing.
Supervised swimming in the sea....
Bike rides after my baths ...
Pampering to the max.

luv the tiles!!

His housekeeper, a stern Mayan woman that made the best fried beans and home made tortillas.
Oooohhhh !! Doña Bat, you were such a good cook!
Ms. Martina,  ( my granddad's wife) you made me feel so beautiful.
 Brushing my waist length with such care and kissing my little cheeks.
Whispering to me  ' belleza'.

Carefully choosing fabrics strewn with roses on white backgrounds and having  girly summery dresses tailor made for me....
Allowing me to wear flip flops when my parents wouldn't.
The feel of her powdered cheek as I kissed her forever etched in my brain.

My summers were split between both my Granddads.
The rest was spent with my maternal granddad and my aunts and uncles.

A completely different vibe.
Running wild ... playing from sun up to sundown with aunts and uncles near my own age .
Eating as much fruit as my young tummy could handle and at times more than it could 😖
playing in the summer rain storms ,splashing in puddles.
Climbing trees. Scraped knees.
Shorts and halter tops.
No shoes!!

from the living room

Walking on the seawall in a thunder storm and feeling your long hair stand on end with all the electricity on the air.
My gran yelling in Spanish for us to come inside. Us pretending not to hear her.

Summertime romances as a teen....
Oh my!!!
First kisses...
A boy named Gigi.

Then it all changed to summertime in NY.
Summer in the City is something to experience.
Runway shows.
Hair shows.

Brunch at Tavern on the Green...
the Waldorf Astoria.

Life moved on...
And Florida Summers became my norm.

Found true luv.
A summer wedding.

Remembering the idyllic times of my childhood, I avoided the beaches.
It wasn't the same.
But slowly, as I age, I find myself being pulled back.
Like a siren it calls to me.
The song of the sea.... the Gulf of Mexico beckons again and I follow.

The last few years I find myself heeding it's call and I MUST go , dip my toes in the aqua waters of the sea.

It sings to my soul.
The smells of summer...

The remembered smells of my childhood.
Sweeter times, safer times...
The sea, and sun. The sand and shells.
Sunsets and laid back living.
Giggles and wild hair.

Summer Hugs,


Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Brights

Summer Brights.

When life gives you lemons... you make pie!!

We had plans.
You know, the sort of plans that have you getting all your pretties together and grabbing the garment bag.
 Plans for sun and fun and beach and shopping .

Vacation on the Gulf Coast.
I mean really, how much joy in that statement alone.

We went to Sarasota/ Venice Beach.
Beaches , beaches and more beaches.
White powdery sand of Siesta Key.
Dark gritty sand of Turtle Beach.
The bands of crushed shells  and sand that make up Nokomis Beach.
The golden sand of Venice Beach.
And the shelly sand mix of St. Armand......
Then Lido , Long boat Key and Anna-Maria Island.
I promise you.... beauty beyond compare!
Sunsets to rival all.
And luvly shops!!!!
Posh on Palm in Venice ♥
Bon Bon in Sarasota.

That was the first leg of our vacation.
Then we drove up and over. Ormond by the Sea. Not my favourite , but we were popping in on my sister and her family .
Nice long conversations and some antique shopping.

Before of the dining hutch. circa 1974. Passed down to me from my grandmother.

Hutch and companion chairs got a face lift. Chairs, bright white spray paint. Hutch, Mineral chalk paint with dry brushing of Sheepskin and antiqued with burnt umber.

The third leg of the vacation adventure was to be on the Southern East Coast.
But that got derailed due to a family snafu  on that end.
We turned around and headed back home.
Too late to reschedule a hotel stay as it was July 4th weekend.

No worries....
A spa day.
Romantic lunches ...
And some good old sweat creating reno!!!
Yes... reluvin' some furniture in the dining room.

We were dealt some lemons, and we made a few pies 😁

Yummy ones at that.

Chez Newbanks' to do list is shrinking and we are pretty happy with the way things are progressing.

2016 has been a busy one for us. But it's been a good busy.
We can see the light at the end of the redo tunnel.

So far, this has been an amazing summer!!!
Going by waaayyyy too fast for my liking. But watcha gonna do?!

Happy 4th!

Hugs, Gee

Friday, May 20, 2016

Just because...

 Just because.....


As I type this, it is storming outside...
I just got the last photo taken before the skies opened up .
Lightening, thunder and crashing sideways rain!

But I digress....
I mentioned some changes happening here and I just wanted to take some pictures of how it looks today.
Some changes have happened... are happening and still more to come.
New front door ( Lowe's). Chimney Smoke ( Valspar) is the new colour . Oil rubbed bronze hardware (Lowe's)
My protector, Master Vic, looking out at the storm raging outside.
There is a new storm door (Lowe's) in as well, but that's another day.

New front door in!!
Oil rubbed bronze hardware and a nice semi gloss white.
Black clock on the brick wall is relatively new from Hobby Lobby.

Entryway today.
Changes... new French country piece in a distressed green in the works.
Living room adjacent to the sun room.

Living room looking into the dining and entryway.
Changes... pedestal table and candelabra changed out for a French Country floor lamp.

Leading into the master suite.
Have to hide those cords!

Vintage desk in a corner of the living room.

Luv this!! Vintage window with one of my sketches. Old Soldier.


This table was reluved . Joint effort by the Mr. and me. Reclaimed wood top and drawer with a pretty mercury glass knob ( Hobby Lobby). Painted with white (a homemade) chalk paint and given a soft waxed finish.
Lamps were repainted from distressed black and red to a soft off white with burnt umber .

Wine basket from Walmart. Black chicken wire (or poultry mesh) with a flour sack lining.
Dishes are a medley of my vintage brown and white transferware and an earthenware milk jug.

Dining room looking into the living room. Relived candle sticks. Were once Bronze and green.
Changes for dining room...  Paint the china hutch and the two head chairs.


Breakfast nook.
Luv this rustic farmhouse table with original patina of wormholes, dings and gouges from years and years of daily use.
Perfect with the brick walls.

Still to come...

Refresh of exterior light fixtures in oil rubbed bronze.

Fence going up... weathered 6ft pickets creating new (to come later) garden spots

Corner coins on the exterior of the house already given a nice crisp white paint, rest of the body to be painted a nice soft sage green after the installation of the windows.
Remaining trim work in the kitchen.
( a graduation took precedence over it's completion)
Painting the china hutch white and the two  head chairs.

Windows already ordered and in, permit pulled, waiting for install date.

New entryway piece to be painted a sage green and distressed.

So much done... so much left to do. But after  almost 11 years in this home, we have never lived that long in any home , there's some  majour refreshing that needs to be done.

Have a wonderful weekend!!
We will be getting back to it!