Monday, August 11, 2014

I hear whispers....

I hear whispers...
Whispers of the end of summertime .
Of school being back in session...
those whispers.
Have you heard them?
I am torn... mixed feelings.



Living in Florida, even the North Central part of it, we have what seems to be endless summers.
I am not complaining mind, not at all.
Just stating a fact.
For most people , summertime means the beach!
For me, it harkens to slower pace of life.
More relaxed meals.
Less elaborate gatherings.
Slow and easy.

I guess, having spent all my childhood summers just a few steps from the  Beautiful  Caribbean Sea , at both my Grandparents' home was all the beach fix I needed.
Childhood joys of splashing in the Sea.
Tangled hair and wet swim suits.
Aunts, uncles, cousins, and my Gran. My beautiful Gran Adela. Gran by marriage and luv.
Yummy lunches and dinners prepared tirelessly by her hand.
Also my paternal Grand dad Mohan.
Of hugs, and luv. Stories of Punjab... a far away land...
Of walks and chats. He was my yardstick to measure luv as a child.

At this stage of life, the beach conjures up images of sand, HOT sun, and the overwhelmingly fake coconut smell of suntan lotion.

My idea of the beach is a sunset. Walking on damp sand after everyone has gone for the day.
The setting sun, moody skies, and a fresh breeze.
The beach by starlight and moonlight.
Collecting shells...

But today, after a little sabbatical from blogland, I return.
I return ready for change.
Ready for the bright to be transitioned into the cozy.
For the sea shells to be traded out for pinecones.
White iron stone traded out for tarnishes silver...

For the smell of cucumber melon to be traded out for apples. Which will be traded for spiced apples and pumpkin.
For throws to go from lace to comfy.
A dinner salad traded for chili. YUM!

I have already noticed the change in the angle of the sun as it streams in through the windows...
A difference in the light.
I am ready. For Fall even if only in spirit. As it will stay warm here for w few months yet.
But my calendar will mark the change.

Will I miss  summertime?
Yes. I will.
For different reasons that you may think.
The end of summer markets a change for me. For us.
May 2013 , we went for  a small close knit family of 4 to a close family of 6.
Our eldest got married and his luvly wife made us instant GG and Papa to Bella Rene .
Now this month, we will once again grow to include a brand new baby boy.
Winston Thomas.
A change... not only in seasons, but in family.
In life.
This gives an entire new meaning to nesting for me.

I am also looking forward to little  décor changes as well.
Like updating the vanity in the small master bath.
Hurray for paint!
I have been putting this off for months.

I also have 3 commissioned pieces in various stages of planning and execution.
I will be a busy little me in a few weeks.
I look forward to it.

Taking it easy ( in my own way) has been forced upon me this summer. I am ready for busy!

I will not be taking the position of Seasonal Social Worker with the Salvation Army this Fall.
I will be busy with helping with baby Winston when his parents return to work.
I will miss it, but my heart will be filled with gummy smiles and soiled nappies.
That is more important.

So yes,
have you heard the whispers?

Of change a foot?
Of dried Hydrangeas taking the  place of fresh?
Of pine cones replacing sea shells???

Are you ready?

I think I am :)

Hugs. Gee

Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer, summer, summer...

Summer, summer ,summer !!
It's June 2nd already. Summer is in full swing where I live in North Central Florida.

Spring was but a fleeting thing that passed in a few short weeks blessing us with an abundance of flowers and new green leaves.
Then comes SUMMER!
Summer with it's beautiful sunrises, all peach and lavender. Bright morning sunshine and brisk sweet breeze.
The ' toss all your windows open'  kinda morning.
And I do !
I sit in my sitting room sipping that important first cup of coffee, with the windows open and that sweet smelling summer breeze coming in.
The smell of roses, and lilies....
The swish of the curtains in the breeze, the clank of the terra cotta wind chime outside the window.

Blue summer skies slowly getting cloudy,
as the morning comes to a close.
Afternoons , that's when the excitement happens.
Oh yes!!
Summer afternoons where I live ,they are
Wild and unpredictable... in a way.
As the dark clouds gather,
and the wind picks up,
and the thunder rolls ,
and the lightening flashes,
the rain begins to pound.
Yes pound!!!
The sound of pounding feet as I run to close all the opened windows.
It crashes into the windows and pounds on the patio.
The wild , wind making the trees dance a crazy dance of waving arms.
Rose petals fall, flowers droop,
bushes sag under the heavy unrelenting drops.
The birds are quiet in their nests.
The only sound is the pounding of the rain
the rolling thunder.....
and the frequent sizzle and flash of flashing lightening.
Then, silence.....
it stops!
LOUD silence!
Except... except the drip... drip .... drip
of the water from the eaves.
From the trees.
Sometimes the sun comes back out in a pale watery version of itself.

But the air is fresh!!!
Rain cooled.
The leaves sparkle with diamond drops.
The air once again splendid with birdsong.
And I reopen all the windows and marvel at the sparkling drops on the window screens.
And the sun sets in a fiery orange and purple sunset.
As beautiful as the storm that proceeded it.

Yes Summer....
Flip flops and sun block.
Miniskirts and shorts.
Tanks tops , swim suits
AND afternoon storms!
.... and when it storms, this girl rearranges things.
Summer, summer, summer
It turns me upside down!
Summer, summer, summer
It's like a merry go round.

Hugs, Gee

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Table is a Table....

Sometimes, a Table is just a table
A friend come over a few days ago, and a made the observation that I have non traditional  end tables in my sitting room.
I glanced around and well, sure enough she was right.
The sitting room is mainly my domain, where I like to read, be inspired and just relax . So I filled it up with things that made me happy
... I basically shopped the house is what I did. Chose my favourites  and voilà... my room.
Being that I live in a house of men, I do not go for an overly feminine décor. I am not a pink, frilly, lacey, frothy kinda girl. I do like soft though, soft neutral with pops of colour.
This one was made for me by my Mr. from an old ladder. One ladder + one table top round = table :) I chose to leave the ladder in it's original wood tone ( for now), but painted the top an off white and distressed it a little bit. Sometimes there are books on the bottom rung, today, a crystal bowl of sea shells.
As a rule, I wait for May 1st to bring put the sea shells and summer décor, but let's face it, it IS already summer here in North Central Florida. Today's high is predicted to be 92 degrees. Yes, April 30th. Summer :)

This 'table' sits next to my favourite  chair. It's made up of a plant stand, all chippy, a deep green, almost black with some rust on it, and an old cheese box.  This is topped with a glass round to give me a bit more room to place my coffee and phone while I am in here.

On the other side of the sofa is this little beauty.
An old vanity bench topped with a vintage suitcase, ochre in colour with a vintage linen hand made table runner.
These three make up the end tables in my room. I never stopped to think of it before, but no, they are not your run of the mill end tables at all. But they are very Gee . I tend not to be very ordinary.... I tend to be me.

The arrangement above the sofa...
A painting I did about a year or so ago. Reclaimed wood in a reclaimed frame.
Moonlight Magnolias.
Our Monogram 'N' in another reclaimed frame.
A banjo clock from my Mr's grandparents. In case you are new to me, I LUV the sound of a ticking clock and we have many clocks about the home. Unsure of the age of the clock. But that is not important.
Lastly, a wreath I wove from vines that grew on the fence in the back garden. I like the simplicity of it unadorned.

The last table in the room....

This one one's special to me.....
Years ago, I inherited my Grandmother's dining table and china cabinet.
We used it with pride for many years. Lots of laughter, home work and games ...
Then one day, we were expecting guests and I asked the men to add the 'leaf' to make it larger.
They proceeded to do so by pulling it apart... well they did. It came right apart. The sliders under the table just gave way. The table came apart in 2... and we were expecting guests in a couple of hours.
The Mr., with screws and a drill made it work. We were able to use it for that night and then the following day we had to go shopping for a replacement .
I was so heart broken.. I saved the pieces.
The table above is a piece of the top, skirt and the 4 legs. I still have a part of my granny's table with me.

So there we have it... my room with the unusual end tables.
Oh I have others :)
I guess in hind sight, I just luv using odd things as end tables.
In the sun room....

This end table is a bronze birdbath with a glass round as a top. I luv it! Have had it for about 9 years now.

This one is a vintage wash stand complete with wash basin and pitcher. Another glass round serves as a top.

So, my word today is ... look outside the box. You can use things in unusual ways to create a style all your own.
A way to make your home yours.
Until next time....
Happy week.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The sitting room

The Sitting room
(as it is today)

As I am sitting here, enjoying the pleasures of a sweet cool breeze, the curtain swaying....
I realized that this in one room I have not shared of late. As a matter of fact, I think I have only shared sneak peeks of it ever.
This is where morning coffee is sipped... blog posts are planned and written.
My companion enjoying the day snoring next to me....
As he enjoys some sunshine.... My constant companion... my shadow, Master Vic.

This room is to the rear of the home and I have the beauty of the back garden from the window. The corner of the back yard, where the rose arbor is covered at the moment in sprays of red roses, and because it's Springtime, the Amaryllis are blooming in a riot of colour . The  Shrimp plant is showing off in a sweet shade of salmon.
The Oxalis, (Clover) is blooming in lavender all over the place.
It is so easy for me to be here and be inspired.....


In the quiet of the day, I can hear the rustle of the leaves on the trees in the breeze.
Enjoy the rays of sunlight that bounces in through the window.
Smell the perfume of the flowers in the back garden.
Where I am surrounded by photos of my luved ones, my boys and my GrandBella.
As in all the other rooms of our home, there are bits and pieces of vintage and antiques ...
Accumulated pieces and inherited pieces. Things with a past... a story to tell. Filled with warmth and luv.

My sitting room, another room in my home that reflects my style... Acquired, lived in, lived.
My sitting room, another room in my home that reflects my style... acquired, lived in, luved .
Thanks for coming by and visiting with me.

Have a wonderful rest of week.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Vintage treasures.....

Vintage treasures....
I luv older things. Things with a past life... a soul... a story to tell. Now don't get me wrong. I luv the new and up to date as well. Says the girl with a laptop, Microsoft Surface and a brand new shiny red Nokia Lumia windows phone.
But... vintage things do speak to me. I guess it comes from living in a home as a  small child filled with Colonial mahogany pieces... French armoires and china cabinets.... French table and dining chairs...
They just say home and comfort to me.
So, needless to say my haunts are Antique and
 Vintage Markets, and of late, Thrift Stores.

Upon visiting  a newly opened Antique Store in my small City, we met a dealer who informed us that she sells the over flow at home on some weekends. Well, needless to say, we went.
And returned.. again, and again.
A few weeks ago, she had one of her sales.
We popped by to peek....
Be still my beating heart.
I spied a lamp... without a price tag. I was kinda nervous. The Mr. saw it , saw my face and he asked for me. With my heart in my throat, I waited. $5.00.
$5.00 they said... but...
Yes, I knew it... a BUT!!
 But , he continued... you have to take the pair and the silk shades.
2 lamps  with shades for $5.00.

Did I hear right.? Before  he could change his mind we picked them up.... 2 lamps, with original harps (yeah!) and 2 w\vintage silk shades. We paid the $5.00 and almost ran to our car.
We finished our errands and came home with our prize.
2 cream coloured lamps , with flowers and gold embellishments.
 I knew I had seen them somewhere before.... So I hopped on eBay and Etsy  .
Calm down... calm down Gee
Smaller lamps, similar in design... $145 each. Just the shade, no harp.



 The first 2 lamps we got, with the orange poppies, we placed in the sun room. Such a salute to Spring I think.

A week later, we were once again going out. We were just hanging out enjoying a sunny day, when, yes... her sign. We turned around and went to check out her new treasures.
What do you know.... another lamp. Same type... a bit smaller with a price tag.
Vintage... with beautiful roses and a brass piece at the bottom. We ended up with 3 treasures that day. The lamp over shadowed them as I cannot remember what else we got.

The Mr. checked out the wiring for me and repaired what needed to be done.
The first 2 we got with the shades, well either the shades were not for them, or the harps were too short. So we chose to keep the harps and replace the shades with new cream coloured silk ones.
The vintage silk shades, ended up at our bedside. One has some dark spots that silk tends to get over time... but that does not mar the beauty for us and just makes it all the more attractive.
They have such a story to tell.
All creamy and silky...

The little one with the roses and

brass base, well it also graces the master bedroom .
She sits on my vanity also equipped with a new silk shade in cream.
So for $6.00 not counting the purchase of the 2 silk shades for the first 2 lamps, we have a bit of history...

A bit of old world....
Just like we like it.

the 2 silk shades we got with the first 2 lamps. They grace the sides of our bed. We have hanging lamps.

Our home is a blend of the old and the new...
Things passed down from my family, and the Mr.'s
Treasures form Antique Markets, Thrift Stores and Yard Sales.
Things with soul.
With a story.
 My children have grown up with such stories....
Great , great grand ma's handmade linens.
Great, great grandma's silver
Great grand ma's dishes
Depression era glasses

I must share one of the sweetest things....
The last 2 Christmases our youngest has gotten our gifts from a local Antiques Mall.
Depression era glasses, canisters, and vinyl records.
That made me so proud. He also for gifts for his friends from there as well. Aahhhh made me so happy to see that.

So yes... when you see photos of my home... there will be the odd vintage camera collection , dishes, glasses, linens, furniture pieces, lamps...
Yes, all things with a story to tell.
I surround myself with pieces that makes me smile.



Now if anyone have any information about these lamps... anything, no matter how small. I would luv to hear it. The make... age...

So I leave you with the wish for a wonderful weekend and

happy shopping!