Friday, May 20, 2016

Just because...

 Just because.....


As I type this, it is storming outside...
I just got the last photo taken before the skies opened up .
Lightening, thunder and crashing sideways rain!

But I digress....
I mentioned some changes happening here and I just wanted to take some pictures of how it looks today.
Some changes have happened... are happening and still more to come.
New front door ( Lowe's). Chimney Smoke ( Valspar) is the new colour . Oil rubbed bronze hardware (Lowe's)
My protector, Master Vic, looking out at the storm raging outside.
There is a new storm door (Lowe's) in as well, but that's another day.

New front door in!!
Oil rubbed bronze hardware and a nice semi gloss white.
Black clock on the brick wall is relatively new from Hobby Lobby.

Entryway today.
Changes... new French country piece in a distressed green in the works.
Living room adjacent to the sun room.

Living room looking into the dining and entryway.
Changes... pedestal table and candelabra changed out for a French Country floor lamp.

Leading into the master suite.
Have to hide those cords!

Vintage desk in a corner of the living room.

Luv this!! Vintage window with one of my sketches. Old Soldier.


This table was reluved . Joint effort by the Mr. and me. Reclaimed wood top and drawer with a pretty mercury glass knob ( Hobby Lobby). Painted with white (a homemade) chalk paint and given a soft waxed finish.
Lamps were repainted from distressed black and red to a soft off white with burnt umber .

Wine basket from Walmart. Black chicken wire (or poultry mesh) with a flour sack lining.
Dishes are a medley of my vintage brown and white transferware and an earthenware milk jug.

Dining room looking into the living room. Relived candle sticks. Were once Bronze and green.
Changes for dining room...  Paint the china hutch and the two head chairs.


Breakfast nook.
Luv this rustic farmhouse table with original patina of wormholes, dings and gouges from years and years of daily use.
Perfect with the brick walls.

Still to come...

Refresh of exterior light fixtures in oil rubbed bronze.

Fence going up... weathered 6ft pickets creating new (to come later) garden spots

Corner coins on the exterior of the house already given a nice crisp white paint, rest of the body to be painted a nice soft sage green after the installation of the windows.
Remaining trim work in the kitchen.
( a graduation took precedence over it's completion)
Painting the china hutch white and the two  head chairs.

Windows already ordered and in, permit pulled, waiting for install date.

New entryway piece to be painted a sage green and distressed.

So much done... so much left to do. But after  almost 11 years in this home, we have never lived that long in any home , there's some  majour refreshing that needs to be done.

Have a wonderful weekend!!
We will be getting back to it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lots going on over here....

Lots going on over here....
Since my last post we have had 4 birthday celebrations, Valentines Day, Easter, Winter and Spring :)

There has been a few changes at Chez Newbanks. Lots still in the works.

Thought I'd tease you with a small peek.

New appliances for one. We went from an almond/off white kitchen with pops of red to a creamy white one.
New sparkling white appliances have taken over
. The cabinets , or cupboards as I call them have been redone. New doors, drawer fronts, new paint and trim. Some of the trim still needs to be put up. Some doors taken out and not replaced for an open shelf look .

New white appliances to replace the almond ones.
Replaced cream doors and drawer fronts with pine ones. All painted in a nice creamy white with new trim

Under sink doors replaced with 'flour sack ' contains.
Tilt drawer replaced with painted pine with a medallion.

Things are getting a fresher, lighter look.
We started this last year and have been slowly but surely finishing it up.
White sideboard painted green. Lamps are next to be reshabbed. Thinking white , with cream and maybe an antiquing wax.

Coffee table repainted. Still white, but with grey distressing on the top and the gold on the raised carving gone.

The gardens have been reworked a bit...
more on that to come, and new fencing going up to create pockets of shade....
A new vintage dining table took the place of then one that was to be replaced by a farmhouse table. That is a scrapped plan as we luv this one.  
Vintage  Henkel Harris table... An estate sale score. Cherry wood, 4 leaves to accommodate our growing family.

Bronze and green metal candle sticks get new life with cream, white and gold paint with an antiquing wax.

We are awaiting Window World to call us with a date to start the window replacement.

New front door and storm door bought and awaiting it's installation as well.
All this to be followed by an exterior repaint.

I am looking forward to the 'new'.
I guess after 10 years things just wear out!
 It will be like living in a new home :)

There will be more paint splashed on things....
sun room walls to be finished ....

Pretty exciting!!!

PLUS... a big plus, our youngest is graduating with his BA degree in a week and a half.

Have a great rest of week.


Hugs, Gee

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Just a peek....

Just a peek.....At Christmas throughout the house.
(picture heavy)

I remember times when the house was totally , and I mean totally transformed at Christmas time.
I mean Christmas came and totally took over.
Did you have those days?
Living room @ Christmas 2015

A riot of red and green all over the place .
With a good helping of silver and gold tossed in for food measure.
The everyday décor was relegated to the armoire in the garage for a few weeks .
Christmas was BOSS.
Clutter was king.
I am so glad to say, that is over with!
The Sitting room @ Christmas

It feels so good.
The day to day décor is calm and relaxed....
Neutrals reign over the entire home with pops of seasonal colours.
Christmas comes in slowly and just adds to the over all feel of the home.

It is no longer loud and obnoxious.
Just quiet and sweet.
As it should be.
Softly smiling with the daily routine... not loudly laughing.
Just slowly taking center stage and letting us know,
'Hey, it's Christmas.'
Dining room @ Christmas 2015

Not everything went on the trees.
Actually only one package of vintage silver balls and a few spun glass ornaments made it out this year.
Almost everything else on the trees is new.
Sun room @ Christmas 2015
see the rain... yes a grey day!

A shatter poof Christmas for Baby Win.
Even the two main trees are new this year.
A soft duo of cashmere trees imparting a soft sage vibe.

Christmas is heartfelt this year....
With meaning.
A visual reminder.
Master Bedroom @ Christmas 2015


I have always despised the
commercial side of  Christmas .
The feel some people get of greed.
The need to outdo others with gift giving.
The total loss of what it is actually all about.
The warped focus.

 So from Chez Newbanks to you all...
Merry Christmas.
Yes, we celebrate Christmas in this house.

BIG hugs,


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas (through the eyes of a baby...)

Through the eyes of a baby.

This year I gave myself the challenge of creating a shatter proof/ Winston proof Christmas.
But still wanting it to be elegant!
I thought long and hard.....

Living room tree.  7.5 slim chenille tree.
Done in big deep red jingle bells, metal comes and an envelope, all from Country Memories.
Deep red berries , white doves in nests and shatterproof balls in red, gold and silver complete it.
Pine twigs , pine cones and burlap ribbon round it out.

Last year, I started to whittle down the amount of things I put out and going more with a natural scheme and I luved it.
So this year would naturally follow in that vein.
The problem was most my decorations were vintage, highly breakable and the rest crystal.
Nope... not baby friendly at all!!

The topper.
A pine twig with cones attached and a white dove.

Baby Win at 15 months
,  energetic to say the least, but a sweet baby boy and leaves things as they are.
But still Shiny Brites can be the cause of very nasty cuts.
So... I had to rethink.
The sitting room tree. A 7.5 pencil chenille.
A 3 tiered plaque with the definition of Family.
Wooden top hats with cardinals from Country Memories
Pine cones, cardinals, berries,  red, silver and gold shatterproof balls

New trees also had to be gotten as 2 bit the dust last year...
The Mr. aired his views and suggested chenille trees.
Living in the heat of Florida is not conducive to flocked faux trees as they yellow rather quickly. This was a smart option.
A beautiful one.
I browsed online... peeked in stores... waited for sales and got two very pretty ones that did not break the bank.
The remainder of the trees we kept as they were still pretty.
Now after seeing the new ones, I am rethinking that as well.

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally when we ( me) start the decorating... the trees are first and the remainder is worked on as the days go by.
The sun room tree.
A small tree in an urn.
Pine cone garland, silver reindeer, the top one a gift d\from out GrandBella always takes center stage.
Shatter proof red, silver and gold balls.

There is a luvly gift store near me, very near :) Country Memories .
I just adore the assortment they get in every Christmas and we went there first to get the focal point pieces I wanted for the trees.
We were NOT disappointed at all.
A color scheme of red, gold and solver on a backdrop of sage green ( the trees) was decided upon and it was pretty easy from there.
The focus...
Love, Joy and Family!!

The aim...
An elegant  Christmas with Win proof décor.
The end result...
I am quite pleased. More so, Baby Win is very taken with the trees...
He gasps every time he sees them and claps his little hands.
They remain untouched...
just lovingly stared at and enjoyed as he runs around from room to room...
a jingle bell around his little neck!!

I see things fresh...
Everything new and wonderful as he is in awe at it all...
Shiny and bright, a sweet Christmas .
I just do not like the commercialism that has now become the focus of Christmas.
The holidays had become a burden to me... I hated the whole shopping / obligations part of it all and it came with a dread!!!!
The luv , the giving , the joy was missing.
I went through the motions.

This year is different.
I am enjoying the small things...
The spirit of it all.
The JOY!!!!
The LUV!!
The Simplistic part of it all.
All shown to me through the eyes of a beautiful baby boy!!

Coming soon... The rest of the house.

Enjoy the Season... remember the Reason!
Don't get bogged down in the commercial aspect of it all.