Friday, November 7, 2014

Rekindling an old luv

Rekindling an old luv.
Cuddles. I created him to appease myself and well, he's a hit and I might have to do more. He's a little bunny we had scampering about in the back harden a few weeks ago.

November snuck in and made a mark.
I kissed October good bye from the  back roads of  the mid west.
An adventure for girls... me , my sister and my niece. The open road... sunrises, and sunset.
Hotels and girl breakfasts...
Makeup and shampoo...
Shopping for clothes.
Starbucks coffee stops.
Flocks of birds flying South.

It came in all mild and sweet and then first weekend we had a freeze warning.
I was already seeing it in Arkansas, Mississippi....

Sunset in Arkansas... excuse the wind shield :)

Bridge  in Mississippi

I luv it!!
Fall, cooler weather and I are the best of friends.
I LUV the temperatures below 75 degrees.
The Lion and The Lamb

When the weather is so sweet I am usually at work.
For years and years I have worked at The Salvation Army , in the Fall as a part time Social Worker for the Holidays.
This year, I took time for me and my family. The family has grown and I am so happy to be available to help out and get some Littles luv .

Thursdays and Fridays I am not needed , so I get busy and do things to amuse myself.

Like finding my old luv.
Blackened fingers, smudged face and loads of joy.
Sketch of my Mr.'s hands. This is a part of a story board for a job at a Church. It will hold a silhouette of a child .

This is one of the first Fall's I have had so much time to actually flex my artistic muscle in a long time and I am eating it up.
Draw back, when I am working, I tend to forget to pause to do mundane things like eat, fix meals :)
Constantine. He's a  white Siberian tiger. The look in his eyes make me nervous. 

So while I sit and sip coffee every morning , to start my day off nice and slow like I like it...
I take in the beauty that surrounds me.
The beautiful blue sky that is the calling card of Fall.
The crisper mornings and evenings.
The bright sunshine that is so very Florida...
The beauty of the birds that sing to me daily and visit the bird feeder and bath.
The garden that fades almost everywhere else but here.
Here, in the garden, the roses come back to brilliant life as the temperatures drop, and bloom with all they have.
The different angle of the sun... the change in light...
The kiss of Fall on the sprays of roses as they just show off.
Then I  draw....
Sketch and shade.
High lights and low lights....
Charcoal and graphite on textured paper.
Black fingers and  blending stumps.
Scribbling and smudging....

Another Lion and Lamb.  My name , Singh is Sikh. In Punjabi Singh means Lion. So I am quite partial to this piece.

bringing to life something beautiful on paper.
My old luv...
How I started it all.

Thanks for coming by to see my sketches... my black stained finger tips and smudged palms.
But I am having such fun!!!
Who knows what else will come to life and leap off my paper.

Happy weekend!!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello October!

Hello October !

With the start of October, I am adding just a bit more of Fall , Autumn to my home.
Even though it will NOT feel very Fall(ish) for a bit yet here in North Central Florida.
Entry way vignette. Window box filled with hydrangeas and a couple of creamy mini pumpkins and 2 white candles.
Books tied with twine and topped with a key and a pinecones.

There was a time when I did the bright orange and pumpkins all over the house, but of late, I have been in a more neutral frame of mind.
The leaves don't change outside my windows...
No bright russets, umber and burnt oranges to he seen.
It is all still very much green and summerlike outside.
But I am a fool for Autumn and the cozy vibe it imparts.
Sofa table. Basket with 2 gourds, more hydrangeas and pinecones


So, I am sprinkling the dried hydrangeas about.
Tossing in some pine cones.
Plopping in some gourds.
And layering some creamy mini pumpkins .
Even Master Vic's favourite perch in the sunroom has some dried hydrangeas added .

I might just add some dried roses and crepe myrtle seed pods as well.
Just things I can pick up, harvest from the garden and neighbourhood.
Things I can toss together in a few minutes and yet get the feel.

(sorry, the TV was just a black box reflecting me, so I  turned it on)

Mantel... Vines from then back garden with a  creamy pumpkin spray, pinecones and a bit of cotton from  sweet Jane at Cottage at the Crossroads. Vintage oil lamp adds to the neutral look. Silver sugar shaker and frame adds a bit of bl7ng.


As the month progresses, I will be adding more...
sprinkling a bit here and there throughout the house.
Putting away the lace throws for plaids , fleece and knits.
Trading out the pale throw rug for braided in the sitting room.
Cosy(ing) up the place.
A little corner in the sitting room.

Gourd in an urn is in my sitting room.

Dreaming of pumpkin spice coffees, lattés and soups.
Home made breads  and comfort foods.
Orchard apple pumpkin candles....

vignette atop the hutch.

Vines from then back garden, dried hydrangeas and corn husk.

Hello October. So
glad you are here.....
Luving your cozy , homey feel!
Dresser in the master. Tarnished silver and hydrangeas....

Happy October hugs,

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Such a pretty day , a promise...

Today is such a pretty day...

A pretty day for harvesting some things from the garden to add to my Fall décor.

My hydrangea bush has outdone itself this year.
It's bounty from May to now, with blooms still on it, has been abundant.
It started out with powder blue blooms bigger than I have ever seen.


Then moved on to bluish purple, beautiful shade of lavender..

then chartreuse green.

Now a pink, and a pale, almost white bloom is mixed in with the chartreuse.
I think I have one more harvest left before it is spent for the season.
May to September ,
a sweet splendor of blooms that has made my theme for this Fall into Winter's décor.


A nature
inspired one..
A season of of neutrals, and natural.

Dried Hydrangeas and vines,
creamy baby pumpkins and pinecones.
It seems the older I get, the more I lean toward the simple...
The less fussy.

Rustic and Luxe .... I like that
Tarnished silver, crystal , wicker baskets, burlap and nature.

Today dawned gloomy and grey.
 A day shrouded in a mantle of clouds after the stormy night we had.
A day perfect for gathering my spoils without the sultry heat of the late Florida summer.
A perfect day for appreciating a soft breeze....
and watery sunshine,
and sweet birdsong.

A sweet promise...

Overcast and gloomy today
cooler with a teasing breeze.
A heavy sky of varying shades of grey,...
lit from behind by a smothered sun.
Various birds are singing their songs
in the hopes of charming out the sun.
Serenading those rays of warmth
to kiss away the diamond drops...
Sparking drops of moisture
clinging to each leaf, shining .
Mocking the hidden sun,
chiding it to peek through, blaze!
These sweet birds sing,
a hope, a promise.. of brilliance !
~ Me~

Happy weekend!
The last weekend of summer...
a first week of Fall/Autumn/ Harvest time.

Hugs, Gee


Monday, August 11, 2014

I hear whispers....

I hear whispers...
Whispers of the end of summertime .
Of school being back in session...
those whispers.
Have you heard them?
I am torn... mixed feelings.



Living in Florida, even the North Central part of it, we have what seems to be endless summers.
I am not complaining mind, not at all.
Just stating a fact.
For most people , summertime means the beach!
For me, it harkens to slower pace of life.
More relaxed meals.
Less elaborate gatherings.
Slow and easy.

I guess, having spent all my childhood summers just a few steps from the  Beautiful  Caribbean Sea , at both my Grandparents' home was all the beach fix I needed.
Childhood joys of splashing in the Sea.
Tangled hair and wet swim suits.
Aunts, uncles, cousins, and my Gran. My beautiful Gran Adela. Gran by marriage and luv.
Yummy lunches and dinners prepared tirelessly by her hand.
Also my paternal Grand dad Mohan.
Of hugs, and luv. Stories of Punjab... a far away land...
Of walks and chats. He was my yardstick to measure luv as a child.

At this stage of life, the beach conjures up images of sand, HOT sun, and the overwhelmingly fake coconut smell of suntan lotion.

My idea of the beach is a sunset. Walking on damp sand after everyone has gone for the day.
The setting sun, moody skies, and a fresh breeze.
The beach by starlight and moonlight.
Collecting shells...

But today, after a little sabbatical from blogland, I return.
I return ready for change.
Ready for the bright to be transitioned into the cozy.
For the sea shells to be traded out for pinecones.
White iron stone traded out for tarnishes silver...

For the smell of cucumber melon to be traded out for apples. Which will be traded for spiced apples and pumpkin.
For throws to go from lace to comfy.
A dinner salad traded for chili. YUM!

I have already noticed the change in the angle of the sun as it streams in through the windows...
A difference in the light.
I am ready. For Fall even if only in spirit. As it will stay warm here for w few months yet.
But my calendar will mark the change.

Will I miss  summertime?
Yes. I will.
For different reasons that you may think.
The end of summer markets a change for me. For us.
May 2013 , we went for  a small close knit family of 4 to a close family of 6.
Our eldest got married and his luvly wife made us instant GG and Papa to Bella Rene .
Now this month, we will once again grow to include a brand new baby boy.
Winston Thomas.
A change... not only in seasons, but in family.
In life.
This gives an entire new meaning to nesting for me.

I am also looking forward to little  décor changes as well.
Like updating the vanity in the small master bath.
Hurray for paint!
I have been putting this off for months.

I also have 3 commissioned pieces in various stages of planning and execution.
I will be a busy little me in a few weeks.
I look forward to it.

Taking it easy ( in my own way) has been forced upon me this summer. I am ready for busy!

I will not be taking the position of Seasonal Social Worker with the Salvation Army this Fall.
I will be busy with helping with baby Winston when his parents return to work.
I will miss it, but my heart will be filled with gummy smiles and soiled nappies.
That is more important.

So yes,
have you heard the whispers?

Of change a foot?
Of dried Hydrangeas taking the  place of fresh?
Of pine cones replacing sea shells???

Are you ready?

I think I am :)

Hugs. Gee